World Wide Web and Student Portal

Nowadays, we are living in a world where everything is done instantly The turn ot the century can be marked as a revolution of Information. The switch from manual to computerized recording and dlstrlbutlon of records and Information has led to a significant Increase In public knowledge. With the advancement of Information technology, the Internet became an Important aspect for local and global connectivity.

Portal Is defined as web site that provides a single point of access nformation. With the introduction of web portals, schools, universities started developing web applications that would make student information and activities in school accessible up-to-date. It is now termed as Student Portal. The Student Portal can best be described as a school-to-home communication. where students can access and receive information concerning their studies daily.

The features of the portal system offers many more facilities for students, and administrator like grades, cademic calendar and information, school activities and finance section with which everyone can enjoy the thrill of world wide web. The student portal would collect these campus services and functions into a single website, making it easy for students to find. The portal gives easy access to your administrative and study- related information that allows you to view and update your personal details online to ensure you don’t miss any important school connection.

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