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A symposium and forum concerning the Jalaur River Multipurpose Project was conducted last December 7, 2012 at the CFOS AV-Hall. This event was made successful thru the combined efforts of the UP Oikos and the Jalaur River for the People Movement. Mrs. Cynthia Deduro, a protector of the Indigenous people In Panay tackled this rising dilemma and pointed out the various disadvantages this project might cause specifically the deterioration of the natives’ livelihood and estruction of the environment.

It was Sen. Franklin Drilon who pushed this project to the Congress purposely indicating the benefits the people of Panay can acquire. The project aims to “sustain the region’s self-sufficiency and contribute to the annual increase in the countrys rice production. It will provide a year-round irrigation for agricultural production; obtain a hydroelectric power plant to supplement the power supply In the province, boost the supply of potable water throughout the province, and to promote eco-tourlsm.

These benefits, however, may not be advantageous at all. It can cause total damnation to the people thru dislocation of communities, dangerous fault line, flooding, soil movements, worsening debt, and human rights violations. I appreciate the administration for thinking this plan which may be beneficial to the populace. However, it saddens me how can the government propose this project If it will be worthless after how many years?

It Is too ridiculous how these “hope of the people” spend too much on a dam which will be destroyed in an earthquake hit. The people’s safety should be the top priority of these officers but how come they attend to their own needs first? Yes, indeed, it has advantages but these are being overwhelmed by the great number of disadvantages. The natives will be helpless if this project will be constructed for they will lose their valued homes and agricultural livelihood.

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