Recruitment and Selection

You are the recruiter for Company ABC. Your company is one of the leading and most Innovative organizations In the retail consumer goods industry The Vice of Marketing (the hiring manager) of the organization Just received notice that her Director of Marketing for a glove accessories product line will be leaving at the end of July, 2009. As the recruiter, It will be your responsibility to work with the hiring manager to identify a diverse candidate pool and find a great Marketing Director.

You will need to ct fast because It will be critical to replace the position before the beginning of the current incumbent leaves. To start your recruitment project, you will need to develop a recruiting strategy, as well as, a selection strategy that will facilitate a smooth and successful process. In your process, you will need to develop strong selecuon tools to evaluate all potential candidates. This would Include, but would not be limited to, interviews, reference checks and/or tests. Once you have established a process, you will need to execute your recruiting trategy.

It will be very important to tlnd someone who has solid experience within retail consumer goods or other consumer product industries. As part of the recruiting project, your manager (the Director of Human Resources) has given you a Job description that will aid you in finding the best people. She has also scheduled you to meet with the hiring manager to discuss your recruitment and selection plan to fill the open board positions. For that meeting, you need to come prepared to communicate and discuss the hiring process and timeline.

The Director of Product Development and product development team are relying on you to find them a new leader who will have an impact on the organization! Instructions: Review Job description at www. generatorgroup. net under “Careers” In the keyword(s) window you will enter “1952” and the Marketing Director job description should appear. It is understandable that you will not be knowledgeable about this field and industry. It Is your approach, your thinking and your ability to be creative hat will be the most Important part of this project.

Define and outline the hiring process which you will communicate and use during the recruitment process. For example, how will you move candidates who meet the qualifications through the hiring process? ‘ recruitment sources used to identify and recruit prospective candidates. Think about targeted companies, agencies, professional associations, Internet, etc. Develop a selection tool with a minimum of five interview questions that will help you screen potential candidates.

It is recommended you should a combination of the different types of interview questions (i. e. behavioral). Develop reference check questions that will help the hiring manager learn how to best manage the person should they be hired. The assignment is due at the beginning of class on May 18, 2009. All documents must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, free from grammatical/typographical errors and no longer than two pages. Additionally, please include your name, date, and class in the upper left.


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