Project Management at Deep Blue Seaways

Deep Blue Seaways (a UK based company) currently outsources all Its IT works to a number of leading consultancies. Your firm, Supreme Financial Solutions, have Just won a E million contract from Deep Blue Seaways that will require you – the Project Manager – to execute. You are pretty certain from your experience with Deep Blue Seaways that this project Is seriously underfunded by possibly as much as El million.

You are to replace their outdated finance systems with your company’s renowned Finance Wizard product, a system that processes all financial information, and produces an infinite array of management information reports that have been proved to improve strategic decision making In existing user companies by significant margins. Deep Blue Seaways comprises of an Head Office and 4 divisions.

From your previous dealings with this company you know that the Finance Heads of each Division are not renowned for their co-operative approach with each other. In addition, the project that you have won will result in major changes (In terms of work rocesses) for all Dlvlslonal finance staff In Deep Blue seaways: given that they have just completed an arduous one year long project you hear that they are very unhappy about this new project.

Conversely, the project is likely to make the work for the Finance staff in Head Office a lot easier as It will streamline the data coming Into them from the 4 dlvlslons so they will no longer have to Interpret data according to which Division it comes from. However, they too will see significant changes to their working processes. Part of the system development will be to significantly enhance he management information that the Deep Blue Seaways Executives will see which should significantly Improve their ability to make sound commercial decisions.

You appreciate early on that the Financial Staff are going to be very hostile towards you, and it doesnt help that you and your team are located in the Head Office as most of the divisional finance staff are fed up with being pestered not by one, but by up to four teams within Head Office, with queries about their submitted data. Your project will require a lot of assistance from the Deep Blue Seaways IT department in erms of providing adequate servers, installing your software on their machines and so on. You are also aware that they have many priorities and are seriously understaffed, Morale Is this team Is very low.

The Senior Executive has said that It Is imperative that this system enables them to save on staff numbers within the Finance areas, but you have been told that if asked about job losses that you are to say that there are no plans to cut numbers either in HQ Finance or within the various Divisions. Other issues that you need to address are how the divisions are going to tandardise their Information so that your system receives their data In a consistent format. It is suggested that you should determine which of the 4 Divisions follows “best practice” and use their data formats.


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