Open your Eyes to Reality As Mother Therese said, “It is poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish. ” Also Pres. P Noy said, “kung walang corrupt, walang mahlrap. ” Our country Is blessed with natural resources that have the ability to support Its people’s needs and wants, only If we be more declslve with using these natural resources of ours. I do not think that the Philippines Is over-populated; the only reason why we think we are over-populated is because many of our countrymen move to the urban cities to find ways to support their needs, that is why NCR is very “crowded”.

Also the reason why we are at crisis, why we are experiencing poverty is because of the abusive “authorities” we have. Ironic isn’t it? The person whose duty is to uplift our society is the complete opposite and becomes the reason for our down fall. They were blinded and overcome by wealth, power, or authority. We linger too much to the problem and we do not or forget to focus on the solution to the dilemma. We think that our crisis is over-population when the real problem Is the lack of self-discipline and the ability to be decisive with our decisions and actions.

What we need to focus n Is how to mold our people to be more “realistic” with the choices they choose. I stand and care for the quality of life, not the quantity alone. As stated In Psalm 1 27:3, “Truly children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward. ” We should not let these gifts of God be “wasted” and not given importance. But it is evident in the goal of the RH law to defy and contradict the Bible. Supporters of the RH law insist that it is not abortion; it is a mere prevention of “unwanted pregnancy.

But I believe it is otherwise; Abortion is preventing any kind of life form to be onceived inside the women, which is, as we all know, a purpose of RH law. Also allowing the use of “condoms” can be degrading to women. Men may use women as an object for pleasure; used to be “played around and used” to satisfy their sexual desires. Also, in my perspective, the “prostitution rate” will Increase because everyone Is free to use contraceptives and condoms. I believe that everyone should see this “side” of the bill. They should not think narrow and start looking at the other side of everything; they might not know, that this law has a lot to hide.


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