Health Care Utilization Paper

ohn recently moved into a rural community and works a full time Job. John is eligible for Medicaid due to his low income and needs to see a doctor since he has high blood pressure and recently his father had a heart attack. He has local doctors but none of them except Medicaid and the closest one he can find is a 40 minute drive away and needs the appointment to be made two weeks in advance. John doesn’t have a vehicle of his own and catches rides to work and relies on public transportation.

We will be discussing what factors may affect John’s health care utilization, if the factors found are mutable or immutable, and some ways to change the mutable factors. What factors may affect John’s health care utilization? The factors In this situation that may affect John’s health care utlllzatlon are his form of Insurance, the area he lives In, facllltles that accepts his Insurance, his health conditions, his level of Income, and transportation. Are any of these factors mutable or Immutable?

John could get another Job to make more money or one that provides affordable health care coverage, but in this time, jobs are scarce and he is probably lucky to have the Job he is in. He could look for another form of insurance. there are low cost government programs that many medical facilities will accept. unlike Medicaid. These insurances are based on your income and will fit in your budget. John could also change his living situation and move closer to a facility that does accept Medicaid so he can be seen and not have to travel.

Transportation is a problem for John but with Medicaid there are ways to get transportation to and from a doctor’s offce for little to no charge. John’s health condition is immutable and he needs to be seen to help take care of this problem. Because of the health risks that follow high blood pressure, this makes John a candidate tor a government provided insurance tor low income people who cannot receive health Insurance through their place of work. one mutable factor Is that the area In which John lives In could provide a facility that accepts Medicaid.

Another Is transportation, which can be provided for people without their own way to a doctor or dental appointment. The government provides these types of transportation for people who receive Medicaid or Medicare, and communities should provide this for medical needs of people who have to travel because of the communitys lack of coverage in that area. The time frame thata person must wait to see a doctor is something I feel can be changed. Immutable factor in John’s case his lob.

This is not an option for most as they are lucky to have the job that they have. John’s job is full time and steady which is a lot to ask for, and insurance is nota reason to give up an income that is stable. For some it is Just not possible to leave I one Job for another at any given time. What are some ways to change the mutable factors? The area that you live in should provide a facility that has a doctor or two that accepts Medicaid for its locals. This makes your community healthier since people that have no transportation or help can still be seen.

By having this in local areas, many feel more comfortable about going in to see a doctor. Transportation can be changed. A community can provide transportation for people living in the area that has Medicaid and has to be seen by a doctor. This transportation should be provided locally and for appointments that are out of the local area. There is public transportation of some form in most areas, but it can be costly for some and most don’t leave far from the local area and travel is needed when you live in a small area without a facility accepting your insurance.

Medicaid has changed over the years, and I speak from personal experience, a person on Medicaid use to be accepted lmost everywhere you went. I was never turned away with Medicaid, but when my husband’s Jobs insurance took effect, I was denied in many places. It is basically the other way around now. I live in a small town and I travel over 30 minutes to see a primary doctor and two to three hours to see a specialist. I have Medicaid and it is hard to get appointments anymore, and it is Just as hard to find a Job that provides health coverage.

In John’s case, he may not be able to get a higher paying Job, or afford a health insurance plan on his own, but he has medical problems and needs o see a physician on a regular basis. It is sad that John’s community doesn’t have a primary doctor for him in his local area because of his insurance. Medicaid is used by millions and there should be an office that will accept Medicaid in all places. This would mean that more people would be seen and not go untreated because they don’t want to travel or possibly can’t travel.

John’s community should put the word out there about transportation that can be provided for people that are seeking medical help and cannot afford public transportation or their own way of transportation. This helps people like John know how they are going to be able to get to an appointment that is a good amount of time away. Small facilities that need to have patient’s schedule appointments 2 or more weeks ahead of time, because of the amount of patients being seen there need to have another facility or more staff.

Communities need to think of these things when placing medical facilities in the area. John has high blood pressure and his father recently had a heart attack, so John’s concerns about his health are understandable and he needs to schedule the appointment with he physician, contact his insurance carrier about the provided transportation, and schedule a day off for his appointment or make arrangements with his employer to be able to go to the doctors.

Having two weeks to plan ahead is usually good enough for an employer and it gives John time to schedule a form of transportation. In John’s case there are many things that can be changed, but most of it is out of John’s hands and that is what most people are dealing with. It may take a long time for health care to get it right, but until then there are ways to make it work so you and your family can stay healthy.


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