Gender Discrimination

Gender Discrimination has been a part of Pakistan since Its existence, one of the outstanding reasons behind it is the illiteracy amongst the masses another would be the culture that does not allow women to stand besides men. The world that we live In today is evolving on a day-to-day basis with ground-breaking discoveries being made at frequent intervals. Living standards have touched new heights; entrepreneurs have pushed the boundaries of the business world even further. Despite all these developments, the primitive knowledge that men are superior to omen remains embedded in our societal structure.

Although, the western societies seem to have overcome the discriminatory practices, there is still a part of the culture that practices it. Gender stereotypes are an Influence from the day one Is born. Gender determines what toys they will purchase, dolls If they are expecting a girl and trucks or boys. The list goes on and these stereotypes follow us through the years and in a way shape our lives. I can think of several gender stereotypes operating in my personal life at home, at work and in relationships.

Pakistan is considered an under developed country in the world and Its progress has been slow and steady. The trend of working women in Pakistan has recently grown but this was not always the case as before the turn of the century the percentage of working women was nominal and the concept amongst asses was that a female should stay at home and not go out to work, with women working besides men there is the issue of sexual harassment women at work usually get harnessed because they are the weaker sex of the two and It’s a problem that females have faced all over the world. Often, sexual harassment incidents fall into the category of the “merely annoying.

In other situations harassment may lead to temporary or prolonged stress and/or depression depending on the recipient’s psychological abilities to cope and the type harassment, and the social support or lack of it for the recipient. Psychologists and social workers report that severe/chronlc sexual harassment can have the same psychological effects as rape or sexual assault victims who do not submit to harassment may also experience various forms of retaliation, Including Isolation and bullying in the 18th amendment the federal ministries were dissolve which Included the ministry for education health culture and women ministry as well.

So the little work that was done previously even that was stopped. Hence I do not say that these ministries should be established again but the new government of PML-N should make a commission which should prepare a report on violation of women rights and make recommendations on it according to the report. Media has spread awareness of political and terrorism issues among the people but the area of civil issues has been neglected. It is now the responsibility of media to spread awareness about civil issues as well so that we emerge as a civilized nation.

In West there are many laws to t on the issue of women harassment but we are not following on it so it is very shameful situation for us. The 33% representation of women in parliament is a encouraging but the women should not keep their responsibilities related to politics only, they should also keep in work on the women rights. The major agenda of the coming government of PML-N is energy crisis but they should also focus on women rights and especially the issue of women harassment.


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