Essay Writing – What Is the Universal Essay Structure You Should Follow?

When you’re not used to writing essays, getting lost among so much research and ideas is inevitable. And like that’s not enough, you don’t always consider a write my paper for me service as the first option, especially if you don’t bathe in cash.

But even if you haven’t written essays regularly in your past, you may get to a point in your life where it becomes necessary, particularly if you go to college. So, what is the universal structure of an essay? You’ll find out below.


All essays should have an introductory paragraph, where the reader is introduced to the subject. Basically, you have to write something about the topic of your choice. The key thing here is that this part of the essay should catch the audience’s attention, and make sure they will want to read more about it.

On average, the introduction isn’t too long, because it shouldn’t tell the reader too much. It only serves to get the reader into the subject and spark their interest in the matter, so it’s quite short compared to the rest of the essay.

Also, personally I try not to reveal too much from the starting lines as I write my paper for me. By making reveals in the introduction, the reader will not feel like they’ll accomplish anything by reading the rest. Keep it short and mysterious and end it with a thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

After the introduction, the body paragraphs are the ones taking the spotlight. Since you’ve done research on a specific subject, here is where you will develop the information you’ve found out and bring your own statements to it. The ideas should be taken from trustful sources, such as a book, governmental or academic internet sites, history, and so on.

Generally, the number of paragraphs present in the body is three. Once you’re done talking about the research, bring your own opinion about the matter and make everything flow nicely. Also, ensure that everything is written in a clear, concise manner – you don’t want to confuse your readers.

Usually, the strongest idea of the body should be presented in the first paragraph. The last paragraph can have a strong argument too, but I like to discuss the weakest idea out of the three in the second one, as I write my paper for me.

And while three paragraphs represent the common structure with essays, you can also go up to five paragraphs, in case of longer essays that require more research.


The last part of the essay is, obviously, the conclusion. Just like the introduction, this part of the paper shouldn’t be very long. The main way people go about it is by summarizing the contents and reassuring the audience that they’ve reached a conclusion with their research and analysis.

So, for a successful conclusion, and to make sure the reader leaves knowing they’ve found out something new and useful, emphasize your ideas and arguments. You can also add some additional, meaningful information to reinforce your arguments even more, and end the paper in a successful note.

You can start with a carefully thought sentence when writing a conclusion and end it with a rather general sentence.

Wrap Up

You shouldn’t feel bad if you’re unaware of the universal essay structure at the moment. Everyone can learn and practice it, and it’s easy too. Essays are part of a student’s life, meaning you may stumble upon them if you become one, hence why learning the structure is a must.

Now that you’ve finished reading our guide, you can get ready to write your essays, and have some outstanding introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions for them.

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