Crime and Drugs

This paper will deal with biological and sociology theories. Biological theory Emerged In 19th century in response to the moralistic nature theories biological theories used a disease model to explain addiction. Sociology theory attempts to create an understanding on how phenomena such as drug and alcohol use and abuse are defined is important in helping us to discover explanations and creating social policies. How does this theory explain drug use and abuse?

Explain in detail For biological theory for the model as an illness, addiction was seen as one thing that was promptly spread. Drugs were seen as toxins that destroyed the body. More modern biological theories have targeted on the subsequent two areas as well as neurochemical bases for addiction and propagation bases for addiction. Neurochemical explanations determine the supply of addiction In neurotransmission, which may be outlined as, the mechanism by that signals or Impulses are sent from one nerve cell to a different.

Briefly describe the Individual, the offense, and the drugs used. State prison inmate reported being under the influence of drugs when committing violent offenses including rape harassment and destruction of properties. How much influence did drugs appear to have on the individual with regard to committing the crime? Explain. These crimes embrace people who are important to the activity of a drug by the victim or drug taker, inflicting irrational or violent behavior.

This includes commission of a criminal offense against a victim by the offender, likewise as self- victimization because of mood changes initiated by abuse. Such crimes additionally re inclusive crimes committed by people experiencing withdrawal symptoms–such as high levels of tension and irritability–and Intentional activity of a drug to “relieve anxieties and stimulate courage” in preparation for acts of violence Do the cases found In your selected articles support your selected theories?

Why or why not? Explain. They clearly support the sociological theory on the basis that it influences the victim relation to others. Acts of violence rape and murder are associated with drug taking. Based on your research, what is the scope of the relationship between drugs and crime? Explain. These crimes embrace those who are directly or indirectly associated with the system of drug traffic and distribution, which often tend to be related to the commission of violent crimes.

Therefore, these embrace not solely violations like drug possession and/or producing, however conjointly crimes of violence ensuing from dealings between drug barons, competition for drug markets and customers, disputes and rip-offs among people concerned within the extraJudlclal drug market, drug deals gone dangerous, Identification of Informers or Informants, Injury or death ensuing from disputes over drug possession, territory, are ll enclosed in drug connected crimes What do you think would happen to drug use Social process or socialization theories concentrate on however individuals or teams get involved with drugs and alcohol; however their involvement changes over time, and what would possibly initiate that modification.

Sociological theories are biological process within the sense that they determine key factors over an amount of your time, one demarcated by social boundaries and meanings resulting in drug and alcohol connected behaviors and consequences. Social science theories Justify crime and deviance usually. For sociologists it’s vital to notice that they utilize a somewhat completely different approach in process drug use and abuse than students from the fields of biology.

Sociologists tend to focus additional on the social that means of illegal drugs and alcohol, norms and patterns relating to their consumption in bound settings, and consequences ensuing therefrom. They usually dont concentrate majorly on genetic predispositions, chemical imbalances, neurological processes, or temperament traits. What problems exist in the selected country because of the drug trade activities? Explain. Levels of crimes in Mexico are in a brink of increasing rapidly due to structural changes in drug trafficking over years. There has been increasing number of reported cases on homicides and other crimes. Due to these crimes marginally increases negative effects on labor participation and entrepreneurial activities.

Other crimes include extortion, kidnappings, robberies with violence, murders, which are threats to the whole country Does this theory support a strong relationship between drug use and crime? Explain in detail. The scientific studies conducted over the past twenty years give proof that tends to ndicate that drug use is one among variety of things which will make a case for why some individuals commit criminal acts. As an example, many of us who have developed an addiction to costly drugs like marijuana and crack/cocaine and can’t afford their habit can commit crimes to shop for drugs. However, they are doing not represent all or maybe most non-legal drug users, particularly within the case of marijuana users.

In alternative words, non-legal drug use doesn’t essentially cause a rise in crime, even among those who are regular users or have developed an addiction. The analysis shows that variety of social, psychological and cultural factors will be accustomed establish those who are in danger of changing into delinquents and/or drug users. Factors which will make a case for each drug use and criminal activity embrace poorness, lack of social values, personality disorders, association with drug users or delinquents, and loss of contact with agents of socialization as a matter of fact. Indications are that it’s wrong to assume that eliminating drugs from a person’s daily life will certainly place and finish to criminal activity.

This realization is ital in terms of intervention and policy development, as a result of any clarification of crime that attributes a high importance to drugs could cause the implementation of ineffective intervention policies. Today, though the precise nature of the link between drugs and crime remains unsure, the scientific literature shows that the drugs-crime affiliation is far additional complicated than originally believed. This paper contains a review of variety of Canadian and foreign studies addressing the link between non-legal drug use and criminal behavior. It additionally presents a tudy of standard marijuana users that establishes a profile of the lives of standard users and their involvement in crime. U. S and Mexican drug issues are deeply and corruption related to traffic in Mexico.

Group action of all substances would solve those issues, whereas generating others, notably lower costs with ensuing bigger consumption and dependence. Nobody is aware of or will sure the legalization- induced increase in dependence; therefore group action may be a gamble. Furthermore, its associate irreversible gamble as a result of if dependence rose sharply, that raised dependence would stay notwithstanding drugs were re- rohibited. That gamble appearance terribly totally different among Mexico, wherever consumption is a growing however still modest drawback and most trafficked drugs are destined for consumption elsewhere, than it will within the U. S. A. , wherever crime and alternative squeal of the drug problem are wane.

Risky gambles aren’t appealing to the U. S. A. thus, U. S and Mexican interests arent aligned once it involves the question of group action, and Mexico shouldn’t pin its hopes on looking ahead to the U. S. A. to legitimize. Nor will conventional drug management ways supply a fast fix. Rather, Mexico should look for “orthogonal” ways. How widespread do you feel drug use is in the United States? Explain The drug pandemic is very widespread in the U. S. People ranging from young teenagers to old persons use these narcotics drugs. The drug use is also used by both genders and all sorts of person since it’s widely available and is cheap to get Do you think drug use will almost always directly result in crime at some point in the drug user’s life? Why or why not?

Explain in detail Individual who engage in drug taking and also trafficking are most likely to engage in criminal related activities. An intoxicated mind is very hard to control and hence results to committing a crime. Individuals who take drugs are often involved in street fghts, shop lifting and armed robber. What do you think is the best course of action to reduce the occurrence of drug- induced crimes? Explain, and provide an example if applicable Setting up investigatory institutions for anti-narcotic and other hard drugs would be proper. Investigative bureaus like FBI and CIA should work hand in hand to map out the drug barons and traffickers and tighten all lose end to eradicate use of narcotics


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