Command and Control

The exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commanding team over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the goal. Command and control functions are performed through an arrangement of personnel, equipment, communications, facilities, and procedures employed by a commander In planning, directing, coordinating, and controlling forces and operations in the accomplishment of the goal.

Central Management Central management organisations have one central management person/team that irects and manages the whole organisation. This team directs and sends out orders to teams or individuals in the organisation. With this method, there is no confusion as to how to perform the task as there is one central management team that can be contacted and also the command and control management sets out a straight path relating to the task.

In the long term, a strong management team can lead to punctuality with tasks, efficiency and quality and thus the organisation can succeed success In the Industry. Managers decide what to produce, how much to produce, which markets to serve, ow much to advertise, and what prices to charge. They also decide how to raise capital, whether by issuing stocks and bonds or by borrowing from banks.

Controlled Environment The central management controls the environment In which the workers work In I. e. ith Instructions to follow and the task set out, working tasks are more obvious. Simple and complex instructions are given to groups of employees or individuals to follow and complete. These instructions indicate how and when something needs to be done. With specific information, there is a lower chance of confusion and influence from others due to vague ideas. With this problem out of the way, work can be completed quicker and more efficient and thus creating a higher productivity and output rate of the organisation.

Organisational Relationships In the long term, the method in which central management structures the company and commands the organisation can become familiarised within the company. Thus the employees develop strong working relationships in the company as they become famlllar with working with the central management as well as their fellow employees I ovs positive detail in mind, it can increase the morale of employees as they become more omfortable with working conditions and who they work with.

As a result it can improve on the efficiency in which tasks are undertaken and higher quality of work. Like the other topics covered it benefits the company through efficiency and increased productivity and work output. Structure Pyramid Structure No arguments between different head managements as there is only one. This allows the organisation to run smoothly without any obstructions.


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