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Proofreading strategies for students

It s human to occasionally write a typo or two, but what should an English teacher do when capable students make consistent, silly mistakes in their drafts. When students can identify good reasons to start new paragraphs, they will be better able to edit their own work in this regard. Proofreading strategies for students It’s […]

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Homework: The great debate

Cooper also found that some research showed that homework caused physical and emotional stress, and created negative attitudes about learning. Pros and cons of school assignments: Should kids have homework? Should kids have homework? We are debating many contentious issues concerning education such as the use of computers , school uniforms , and homeschooling . […]

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The Difference Between Editing and Revising

This wasn t a reimagining of the manuscript she was always a poisoner, and I tried to put her heightened sense of smell into even the first draft. The Difference Between Editing and Revising There’s an important difference between editing and revising, although writers tend to use “editing” and “revising” as interchangeable terms to mean […]

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